Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The MINUS Faction by Rick Wayne - Review

Before I slip into a turkey-phoria coma, I thought I’d write a quick review of Rick Wayne’s The MINUS Faction – Episode 1: Breakout

First off, this story has an awesome opening line. Right from the first sentence I was hooked, and I stayed that way all the way through. I rate this story a solid 9.5/10. In about 100 pages (I listened to it on audible, so I don’t have the exact count) the author manages to create several very likeable (plus one very hateable) characters, an awesome hero (one might even say superhero) and an action-packed Ludlum-esque spy story. The writing was excellent, the characters are deep and real, and the story is awesome. If I had to make on criticism, it would be that the hero is almost too perfect, but there are hints that this probably won’t be the case in later episodes. Seriously people, go get this on Amazon.

Oh, did I mention IT’S FREE???

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